Are your books full? Do you have the freedom to tattoo when you want, where you want? Are your clients paying you what you know you’re worth? If you answered no to any of these then this is for you.

TattooCX is the fast track for tattoo artists and shops who want creative freedom, better clients, more bookings, and income in line with what they’re worth. We have a track record of helping tattooers and shops succeed. Eliminate the stress of getting new clients so you can focus on what you do best: tattooing.

What we do

TattooCX is an online marketing and website company for the tattoo industry. What if you had a team of marketing and web professionals with a proven system to land you high-paying clients who give you creative freedom? That’s what TattooCX offers: bookings with your dream clients. On auto-pilot.

Get everything you need to stand out: impeccable websites, stunning portfolios that make your pieces pop, killer ads, and help to grow your Instagram following and get reviews from past clients. All done for you. So you can focus on the art and living your best life.


Websites that don’t just work. They sell. While you sleep. While you tattoo. While you do you.

Show off your work with high-resolution images, smooth and delightful mobile experiences, and an online idea-gathering and tattoo consultation process that guides the best clients seamlessly onto your calendar for consultations and sessions virtually on auto-pilot.


This is where the magic happens. Ready? Time to grow.

We’ll set your site up to get found on Google. We’ll help you land 10-20 5-star reviews from past clients in weeks. We’ll help you grow (and book) your Instagram following in a way that doesn’t feel like shilling or BS. And we’ll even run ads to fill in near-term openings on your schedule, at home, or traveling. Live the tattoo lifestyle you know is possible.


this is
how we do it


We haven’t just been at building sites and marketing online for quite some time. We’ve been doing it for tattoo artists and studios successfully for the better part of a decade. We have it down to a science. Got killer tattoos to show off? Got some happy clients? Cool. That’s all we need.


You have a unique style. Not just your art but personality, preferences, approach. One size doesn’t fit all. Our systems guide you and us to set up a system that works for YOU. To get you the work you want, where you want to do it, with the clients you want to do it for.


Tweak, refine, grow. You’ll have bookings. You’ll have us to work with you to keep improving. Your rates, your schedule, getting more of the work you want to do as your style, skills, and interests evolve. We do our art, you do yours. Freer than ever before.

who we are

TattooCX is an online marketing and website company for the tattoo industry. We’re a team of web pros with decades of experience building high-quality websites and doing online marketing focused on results.

We specialize in creating websites, portfolios, ads, web profiles, and social media strategies to help tattoo artists and studios succeed. Our team has experience working to help high-talent tattooers and studios build the careers and businesses of their dreams. Let’s land you chill, high-paying clients with good, clear ideas who want to work with YOU!

ready to make
your mark?

Forget: the stress of the Instagram grind; taking walk-ins with ideas that make no sense for your style—or even for a tattoo; compromising on what you want to do; accepting rates less than what you know you’re worth…

This is tattoo marketing with actual results.